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How much notice do we need to work on an event?

DAN STALL INC., THE AUCTION TEAM usually starts working behind the scenes six to nine months prior to the actual event, devising results—focused strategies and assisting in the coordination of all the elements required for a successful benefit auction.

How do we operate?

DAN STALL INC., THE AUCTION TEAM plays a pivotal role in the event from start to finish. We understand your objectives, help you identify and secure desirable auction packages, engage your volunteers throughout the process, and involve your guests in order to maximize participation and bidding. Our experience enables us to guide you in identifying appropriate packages of auction items that are customized to your guests and reflect well on your organization.


Through our resources and relationships, DAN STALL INC., THE AUCTION TEAM provides personalized services, professionalism, and peace of mind for non–profit organizations planning benefit auctions. We bring contacts and creative trend-setting ideas that will generate greater additions to your net proceeds. Leaving nothing to chance, the AUCTION TEAM can help you build tradition—while increasing your revenues.

Why is this cost effective?

DAN STALL INC., THE AUCTION TEAM orchestrates and conducts highly successful benefit auctions for non-profit organizations. We help you attain your goal by increasing guest participation and enjoyment, quality of auction items, and fundraising revenues. The packages of items we identify for your auction are designed to leverage heightened bidding interest and participation that will more than offset the cost of our professional fees.