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Detroit’s Zoological Society’s Sunset at the Zoo

“The rain predicted for the evening prompted some (300) ticket holders to stay home, and many of the remainder (1,350) toted rain gear, but Sunset at the Zoo got off to a comfy start...About the time Dan Stall was getting the live auction started, thunder began rolling in, and shortly there after, the auction was moved inside the main tent. Even so, folks bid $110,000 in the live auction. This includes $6,400 pledged for a Day at the Zoo sponsorships, the $5,000 two people each paid to name the zoo’s two new lionesses who were rescued from ramshackle quarters in Kansas, and the $5,500 two people each paid for a fall hayride and twilight zoo tour for 12.”

—The Birmingham • Bloomfield PAPER (Social Lights)

Eton Academy Benefits From Fund–Raisers

“The 300 Eton Academy boosters arriving at the Smart Minds Bright Futures auction were greeted by board president Michael Maslyn, head of school Pete Pullen and his wife Laurie. They socialized, supped on superb culinary offerings by 2 Unique Catering and spent $40,000 bidding on silent auction items During the live auction, which raised $130,000

Dan Stall got someone to pay $10,500 for tickets to the NCAA Final Four and many to pledge $27,000 for scholarships to the school for kids that learn differently. In all, the annual fund-raiser netted $237,000.”

—The Birmingham • Bloomfield PAPER (Social Lights)

Tigertown Event Hits Home Run!

“...The National City sponsored Tigertown project that sisters Kate Richard and Meg Ferron chaired produced 70 pieces of notable street art by talented artists, a great partnership with the Detroit Tigers and $600,000 for the Children’s Charities Coalition. The coalition comprises Orchards Children’s Services; Variety, The Children’s Charity; the Child Abuse & Neglect Council; and The Community House...Current and retired Detroit Tigers were among the 800 in attendance and willingly obliged autograph seekers. It also featured ballpark chow, midway games and the auction excitement Dan Stall generated. Stall first dispatched two of the arty cats in raffles won by co-chair Richard and philanthropist Maggie Allesee. When the “game” ended, tiger owners also included Tim Spiro, who bought six tigers for his nursing homes, the Birmingham Rotary Club whose tiger lives in the Rotary Garden on Merrill Street, and Melba Weiner whose friends bought her one as a surprise 90th birthday present.”

—HometownLife.com, Observer and Eccentric Newspapers

CRUSH is smashing success...

“You know you have a good thing going when the major sponsors of your inaugural event immediately sign on to support its successor.
And that one is only eight months away.

Such is the case with CRUSH BIRMINGHAM, the wine and food classic that raised more than $220,000 for the Children's Leukemia Foundation. It attracted more than 400.”

The Birmingham • Bloomfield PAPER (Social Lights)